Forever Gyaru

A gyaru trapped in a sparkling world is forever gyaru
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gyaru nails
long barbie nails
A lovely himegyaru wearing a simple yet beautiful Jesus Diamante dress with matching shoes and accessories.
Pastel Blue Himegyaru
Lovely nails for the practical gal! ;D
Simple Leopard Nails
These nails are suitable for oneegyaru style! They were made by Monica Tang. Image found at
Oneegyaru Nails
These lace nails are simple but cute. They also work for himegyaru style.
Lace Nails
These cute pink nails are perfect for himestyle!
Himegyaru Nails
The boots are made by LIZ LISA. ♥
Yui Kanno Wearing Denim and Lace
Tsubasa wears a little black dress with black heels and bright green tights with a jagged arrow design. She accessorizes by adding a black beret and layered pearl necklaces.
Tsubasa Masuwaka in Black and Green
Here Tsubasa wears a black usamimi that matches her black skirt and heels. She's also wearing a high-waisted, brightly colored floral skirt and hot pink tights with a jagged arrow design.
Tsubasa Masuwaka with usamimi
A very cute group of girls with various styles pose with smiles and peace signs.
Cute Group
Kumiko Funayama AKA Kumikki wearing a floral LIZ LISA dress. <3
Kumiko Funayama in LIZ LISA
Hair inspiration!
Long Hairstyle
An adorable gaijin (non-Japanese) gyaru wearing warm but stylish clothing.
Gaijin Winter Gyaru
An outfit with gorgeous boots!
Outfit Inspiration
Yui Kanno is modeling a LIZ LISA dress for summer.
Yui Kanno
Her hair is so cute in this pic! ^-^
Misaki Izuoka
I <3 the dress and hair
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