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 freak accidents

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PostSubject: Re: freak accidents   Thu Nov 18, 2010 6:36 pm

su-siu wrote:
I wear contacts on a regular bases, like, I'm blind without them lol, I'm not really sure where my glasses went either Meh

so I was going to put them in one day, and I noticed there was a speck of something stuck to the right one, like ferseriously stuck, so I decided to put it in anyways, and it felt find just kinda like... something was in it ._.

and then like, later that night at home like puss was coming out of my tear duct and my eye was red, but when I went to the doctor he said I didnt have pink I so I just got new contacts Razz
oh eww yea at my eye doctors they have a whole poster of things that can happen to your eye with contacts like them getting stuck in your eye and your eye fizzing up..anyways I'm glad it turned out okay
@patatat:ouch you're accident pronee like me. Hah I also once burned myself with a curling iron so I know how you feel. And the story about the heels is so scary...T.T I'm glad you're okay
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PostSubject: Re: freak accidents   Fri Nov 19, 2010 12:53 pm

yeah .__. so i kinda want to stick to shoes with low heels. if i go with my higher heels i might end up being crippled or something.

WE HAVE TO BE CAREFUL Terrified Horrified Crying Tears Eh?
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PostSubject: Re: freak accidents   Fri Nov 19, 2010 2:07 pm

@patatat: If you want shoes with height - but don't think you can handle them yet - I honestly recommend getting some high shoes with ankle support, like boots and such. The support for your ankles will make walking in them so much easier than walking in say, shoes you just slip on (I always find that if I'm not careful, shoes like this always slide at the back a bit, even if they are my size, and can knock me off balance). Once you're used to the height, you can move onto other styles of heels. Just gotta ease yourself in Wink

But talking of falling in heels, I always seem to get half my foot on the curb and then the other half slips into oblivion, and I do this every time! I'm just so amazingly shit at judging where to put my feet when confronted with pavement a few inches higher than the immediate area. But we all have our downfalls Oh please
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PostSubject: Re: freak accidents   Sat Nov 20, 2010 7:54 am

Hikitty wrote:
I suppose it's not so much a freak accident in terms of me being injured, but it was a pretty freaky mishap, shall we say. I'd gone to the opticians to have my eyes tested because I'd been having pains in my eye, and one of the tests he carried out was checking for cuts and scrapes on the surface of my eyeball. To do this he had to swab my eye with an orange dye and then shine a blue light on it.

He told me not to worry about the dye, and that it would wash out whilst I blinked so my eye should be it's normal colour again within minutes. He warned me not to wipe my eye, as the dye would stain my finger. So I was like, "No worries Doc, I got this covered." Oh please

I proceeded to accompany my boyfriend to his hair appointment and within the hour we were done and walking home. It was at this point that my boyfriend turns to me, looks at me rather intently and asks me "What's that in your nose?" The dye had, instead of being blinked away as tears, gone into the tear duct and through my sinuses to crawl out of my right nostril, staining it and a portion of my top lip bright yellow.

How long was it there? I don't know, but it was mortifying either way.

Hehe it's normal Smile Eyes and nose are connected by a small canal Smile
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PostSubject: Re: freak accidents   Sat Nov 20, 2010 11:04 am

Once I made corn chowder and someone in my house froze it to save room in the fridge.The next day I wanted to eat some of it so I started stabbing at it with a knife to break some of it loose.The knife got stuck and I braced my hand on the bowl to pull it out.As the knife came up it sliced through my handAnd left a 3/4 inch cut that wouldnt stop bleeding.I wound up going to the hospital and having to get 3 stitches.But on the bright side my chowder had thawed enough for me to eat it. Thumbs up
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PostSubject: Re: freak accidents   Tue Nov 23, 2010 8:39 pm

Not necessarily a "freak" accident, but when I was in grade two I twisted my elbow doing a one handed cart wheel trying to impress a guy. Yep.
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PostSubject: Re: freak accidents   Mon Jan 16, 2012 5:58 pm

back when i wuz eleven or twelve, i really wanted to start wearing eyeliner but my mama didn't want me to cuz it wuz to mature(now i see why!) so i took a sharpie, and, as if u dont know the rest of the story, it wouldnt come of for a week! thank God i didn't put it on my waterline!
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PostSubject: Re: freak accidents   Tue Jan 17, 2012 7:58 am

siusiu wrote:
Not necessarily a "freak" accident, but when I was in grade two I twisted my elbow doing a one handed cart wheel trying to impress a guy. Yep.

When I was in forth grade I twisted mine in gymnastics class doing a round off. It snapped. I don't remember much else other than screaming a lot. I still have to wear a brace on it sometimes, especially in the winter.
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PostSubject: Re: freak accidents   

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freak accidents
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