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A gyaru trapped in a sparkling world is forever gyaru
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PostSubject: ganguro   Wed Oct 22, 2008 8:23 pm

Got this of, But ganguro can be really confusing!

First thing to know about Ganguro is that there is a NEW and an OLD are the explainations!

OLD (out of fashion)
The old ganguro style consisted of white and black make which is rarely seen in the new style. The hair was almost ALWAYS blonde! The clothing was very bright and garish BRIGHT BLUE denim was in fashion along with big old platforms and mini skirts!

The new style is much more sophisticated and a lot less garish! The likes of Rumi ringo and Tsubasa have made the style classy. The new style of ganguro consists of black and white skinny jeans teamed with animal print tops, Brightly coloured low cut dresstops, a lot of white and worn denim skirts teamed with cute little tanks. Hair ranges from ash blonde to deep and rich browns, often curled to perfection, or with bangs and straight hair. A lot of knee high socks are used too! The make-up is very simple and flatters the persons facial features and makes you look elegant and hot *all of course spolit by lil old* Kaoru atm ...well i guess i have to cover all aspects of what models are waring....Kaoru is waring punky kinda t's with Denim miniz and black hair with bright flashes of colour in her hair. Brightly coloured tops with skull and cross bone patterns. Back to the make-up The simple lack of "white" becomes apparent! a alot more red is used to bring out peoples eyes with thin layers of well applied eyeliner.



MANBA (out of fashion)
Manba is old school and out now...this is the fashion with stickers and white hair with streaks of colour..Big old hibicuses on ur dresses and colourful beach ware...platforms and sandals where in too...Make-up, quite dark foundation with heavy black eyeliner and bright white...but not very low! stickers PLASTERED over your face *shudders* and Garlands were very popular! Lots of tiaras were in fashion and SOO MUCH STUFF up and down your arms.

MANBA (new)
new Manbas hair is MUCH BRIGHTER and MUCH BIGGER...bight neons have taken over and all hair is push to its extremity that it nearly falls out with bleaching >< ...It backcombed to extreams and enough hairspray to burn another hole in the atmosphere is used ><
The bright and powerful make consists of large amounts of black and white which goes almost the the bottom of your nose. DARK DARK DARK foundation and spray tans are used. lots of glitter and colourful false eyelashes are used.
The clothes are MINI skirts and HOT PANTS...teamed with tight little boob tubes or just brightly coloured T's...Also u can ware Juicy sweats (tracksuit bottoms) which are also brightly coloured ...Simple and block colours are used which must always be as near to NEON or RAVE ware as u can get... Lots of stilettos and slippers are worn. NO MORE STICKERS .... Now Feather bowers are coming into fashion and can be seen on some gals. BIG flowers can be added to hair but arn't nessacery.

友達リクエスト送ってくださいね~ Thumbs up
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PostSubject: Re: ganguro   Fri Oct 24, 2008 2:03 pm

my com couldn't find most the pics but i have heard all this before!
yuka told me! XD
old ganguro is likeold manba...kinda ^^; and new ganguro is like tsuyome and new manba is modified old manba! does that sum it up well yuka???
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