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 What does being a gal mean to you?

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What does being a gal mean to you? Empty
PostSubject: What does being a gal mean to you?   What does being a gal mean to you? EmptySun May 08, 2011 10:17 pm

I have a super-gal orientated personal blog project in the works, but instead of simply glossing over the definition of gal, I want to know from you... what does it mean to be a gal?

~What attracted you to gal fashion?
~Does gyaru mean more than a fashion statement but a lifestyle as well?
~What would you tell a newbie gal who's interested?
~What's your most important gyaru "topics"? If someone wanted to know the most basic aspects of being a gal (can be hime, or b-gal or ganguro), how would you sum it up?
~What your gal survival kit? As in, your most basic but essential gal items.

Thanks everyone! I'm incredibly excited and interested to read what you guys say!
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What does being a gal mean to you?
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