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 Hanging out in Toronto?

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PostSubject: Hanging out in Toronto?   Fri Mar 02, 2012 6:39 pm

I thought I'd create that thread here and google it up later since I'm too tired for clicking through tons of pages right now Oh please

Soo I think I'll be living around Toronto from July till August this year and I need your advice, well from anyone who's from Toronto Smile
Where to buy cute stuff? Plushies, clothing, shoes, accessoires, magazines, etc.? Ive only been to Yonge street last time but I was in a hurry as well so I wasn't really able to go from shop to shop Tears oooh and, are there any places that sell Bubble Tea? any cool venues?

I'm gonna be there all alone and when it comes to meeting new people I'm such a basket case since I don't like going to crowded places, be it a club or a restaurant and whatnot, alone - so I think I'll be shopping most of the time Eh?

Thanks in advance Wave
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Hanging out in Toronto?
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