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 Need help with a customer survey ^0^

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PostSubject: Need help with a customer survey ^0^    Tue Apr 10, 2012 6:31 am

So i have a little etsy shop that i've been making little earrings and clips to help give me a little extra cash.
I've sold next to nothing, and i thought i'd ask people why it is they seem to show an interest, but not actually buy?
It's just to help me out and see what i can do so that people DO buy :>

1. Is it because the prices are too high? What would you find reasonable?
2. Would you prefer products in other colours or styles? ( dangle earrings or necklaces?)
3. Are you worried about the quality or durability of the item?
4. Any other styles or different themed products you would be interested in?

Please help me out guys, it'd mean a lot, thank you!
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Need help with a customer survey ^0^
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