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 Gyaru Noob searching for heat protection + New Hairstyle ~

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PostSubject: Gyaru Noob searching for heat protection + New Hairstyle ~   Mon Jun 11, 2012 1:10 pm

So, I'm actually quite new to this Style. ^-^ But I already started changing myself a bit. x3 I cut my hair! I used to have side-swepped bangs.. inspired by an anime character. xD

Me before:

Now I cut my bangs kinda straight/v-shaped. o.o My Mum says I'd look like an asian kid now Oh please
Me now:

I cut them a bit straighter now though.. but it doesn't make a huge difference.. just.. less hair sticking out. ^^

So girls? Eh? Did mission gyaru-hair succed? Also I wanted to ask if some of you knew some good heat protection spray/whatever..? Because I'm in desperate need of a good one, since I've been curling my hair a lot lately. xD And what's the best site to purchase your circle lenses from when you're living in Europe? (germany) I know.. many questions.. Tears
But I'm new.. so hehe.. Kiss-kiss I'd be veeery grateful if you Pros could help me out. (:
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PostSubject: Re: Gyaru Noob searching for heat protection + New Hairstyle ~   Mon Jun 11, 2012 11:12 pm


I only recommend using it no more than twice a week or it might kill your hair O.O But its hold is grand (recomended by my sister who is a hairdresser)

For the none sexy hair days Wink I suggest using Treseme 5 super hold (or something like that) Its not the best though and I'm sure you will be able to find better.

Now you asked about our hair........ MINE IS A FAIL! Furious The only reason I know so mush about hairspray is because my hair needs constant hair upkeep. I'm actually thinking about shaving it for cancer or something and starting on a clean slate. BUT if you know any cute short Asian styles TELL ME! Because I'm clueless about cuts Question

Well good luck on the ultimit hair searching adventure! (Since it is much needed by gyarus)
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Gyaru Noob searching for heat protection + New Hairstyle ~
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