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 What got you into gyaru?

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PostSubject: What got you into gyaru?   Fri Jul 20, 2012 10:07 am

Hi there everyone! I'm just wondering what got you into gyaru in the first place...and why...and how you feel about it now.

I got into gyaru mainly because I was interested in Japanese culture, (though not through anime or manga, to be honest i've always disliked them heheh but that's just my opinion).

I was interested in Japanese culture because:
1. I used to like listening to K-Pop and watching Korean dramas, and from there I started to listen to J-Pop and Japanese dramas (dunno why, just for no reason. I just wanted to watch and listen to a wider genre). Then I started to follow Japanese fashion style and language.
2. At the time I wasn't dating my boyfriend yet, so I had a huge crush on him that's been developing for 2 years and he just so happens to be Japanese lol so you can guess from here.

From then on my immense interest in Japan grew. I loved it and I still do. I find it so fascinating and just basically haha. I discovered gyaru from a famous Japanese singer- Kana Nishino (西野カナ). I don't know if any of you listen to her but I really like her songs Wave I've always noticed that her eyes looked so big and lovely. She basically looks like a human doll and I wanted to follow her style. Then I discover gyaru. At first I always thought gyaru as sort of ganguro and manba so I wasn't really into it since it was not my style. But I realized that there are other types of gyarus as well. Before gyaru I was a fail mainstream wannabe hipster lol.

To be honest I've been following gyaru for about 10 months. Just following and learning make up tips and tricks. I had no idea where to buy lashes or circle lenses or any of the make up needed to gal Tears So I started by shopping for more of a sweet Japanese-style clothes (like clothes that are really cute with pink bows and girly stuff, though nothing lolita). After that (around 4 months after my initial interest in gyaru) I finally got the guts to wear circle lenses. My make up was very simple, it was designed towards having 'big dolly eyes' (minus the lashes). Then eventually I added the lashes on! But I don't wear them every day just to special events (or maybe when I want to camwhore lol). Usually I just do my normal everyday make with more less eyeshadow, more mascara.

And how do I feel about it now? I love it! The gyaru style I follow is similar to the ones in Popteen now (very girly with hints of a vintage style) I love the dolly-ness the pretty frills and bows. I think gyaru is a style that really suits me well. Everyone always tell me 'wow you look like a living doll!' or 'what big eyes you have!'. I love it to death and I think I finally find a style that really suits me. But sometimes being gyaru I feel that it's over the top somtimes. When I tell people about gyaru they automatically assume that gyaru is all just 'fake' (fake nails, fake lashes, fake eyes, fake hair sometimes, etc.). I have to agree with this to some extent. I know some of you may not agree but this is just my personal opinion. When I follow gyaru style I have to remind myself to stay true to myself (cheesy I know) and not get lost in the so-called 'fakery'. My boyfriend likes my gyaru style and he thinks I look nice in it actually. He's completely fine with me being (or at least trying) to be a gyaru. But he always tells me, "You look pretty as a gyaru, but you look pretty too without the make up and clothes. Either way you're still pretty!" Meh 2

So in conclusion I love the gyaru style and fashion, especially with the big eyes. It's absolutely adorable. But I don't dress as a gyaru everyday too. So no, I'm not a 'hardcore gyaru', I think it's too much for an everyday basis for me and my lifestyle (and also the fact that I'm too lazy hahah), but I know some of you gals here can pull it off everyday and I respect those of you who can a lot!

Sorry for blabbing so much Wave I thought I'd just share my thoughts on gyaru
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What got you into gyaru?
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