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 Best Cardio Videos?

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PostSubject: Best Cardio Videos?   Best Cardio Videos? EmptyTue Sep 18, 2012 3:01 pm

Hey gals.

I was wondering which exercise video I should buy.
I have 30 Day Shred from JM, but it just gets boring after a while.
I was wanting to try something like Cardio Ballroom, or one of the bollywood dvd's from Hemalayaa.

My first choice would be a cardio dvd, preferably dance. Not like "Oh, hoho, we are going to do crunches and then yoga and then dance for five minutes!?" but like actually DANCE exercise videos.

All genres of cardio welcome, but please make it like super high pace. I can't stand slow things, and I'm a very high energy person so... I guess that's a good combination for exercise? But not for anything else really, haha! Oh, and I always have time, so length doesn't matter.

Also, I want to start riding my bike, but I don't want to get burned (I hold a burn for weeks, and it just sucks!) so should I just wear long sleeves and pants on top on sunscreen, like what would you do?
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Best Cardio Videos? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Best Cardio Videos?   Best Cardio Videos? EmptyFri Jan 17, 2014 3:49 am

Uhm well I'm currently doing Insanity. It's very tough, and kind of repetitive but I feel like it really works.. I've also heard good things about p90x, Chalean Extreme, and Turbo Fire. I've heard Turbo Fire is pretty fast paced and not as boring as other videos...

In terms of biking, do you live in a very sunny area? Did you want to just use biking as a transport, or go on day long excursions(trails, mountain biking)? I live in Seattle, and biked to work during the summer and never had any problems burning, of course I still sunblocked my face everyday. In my city we have many bikers that bike to work and wherever and many of them wear outfits that cover most of their body (and presumably change when they get to their destination) like thisor this. That's a little hardcore for me though... I'm typically biking to get somewhere so I just go in my normal clothes but a few times it got very complicated with short skirts haha, so I switch them for some pants like this link.

On day long biking trips I always bring Neutrogena Spray Sunblock with me (spf 70+). But if you wear clothes covering most of your body I would just worry about exposed skin. It's pretty unusual to get a sun burn through opaque clothing.  Question 

Anyway I totally get you I'm also really paranoid about burns. I when I went to high school I used to live in an extremely hot and sunny place and I would bike to school and back, and everyday after my classes I would go into the bathroom and apply sunblock on any showing skin. Yeah it was bad...
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Best Cardio Videos?
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