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 If I was to buy Diamond Lash lashes...

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PostSubject: If I was to buy Diamond Lash lashes...   Sun Jan 20, 2013 9:46 am

Which ones would you recommend for generic gyaru-kei make? (I'm pretty sure that's what I classify as; see my avatar lol) I was looking at lashes on Pinky Paradise yesterday and realized that Diamond Lash is basically the same price as the Sally's ones I'm buying now! But, the problem is that I can't decide which style I like best for dramatic albeit still mostly every-day acceptable? I like Glamorous Eye and Dolly Eye, and...I also kind of like Angel Eye, but I'm afraid that those would be too dramatic for what I like, so what do you gals think?

(I currently have no lashes and it's killing me to have to walk out the door without them everyday Crying )
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If I was to buy Diamond Lash lashes...
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