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 My Gyaru Make-Up (Without Circle Lenses) Opinions/Help

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PostSubject: My Gyaru Make-Up (Without Circle Lenses) Opinions/Help   Tue Jun 11, 2013 11:16 am

Hey everyone! Here's my usual gyaru make-up. I'm self-taught so am not really sure if I'm doing it entirely correct. So it'd be great if you all helped me out! :') And I knoww I need circle lenses. But I can't get any right now due to financial problems. Sad

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PostSubject: Re: My Gyaru Make-Up (Without Circle Lenses) Opinions/Help   Tue Jun 11, 2013 9:59 pm

My advice would be to maybe ease up on the winged eyeliner -- wings are cute, but I think it could be a little smaller. Also, I think your lower lashes are a bit much (maybe it's just combined with the wing), but I'd suggest using a bit more light-coloured makeup (whether it's a less-severe black or maybe a white/cream-coloured eyeshadow on your browbone.) As far as the lip colour, I think that pink is a bit harsh to be combined with such dramatic makeup, so maybe try a lighter shade of pink?

Good job with eye-enlarging without circle lenses, though!
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PostSubject: Re: My Gyaru Make-Up (Without Circle Lenses) Opinions/Help   Sat Jun 22, 2013 4:18 am

Hey, girlie 
first your eyebrows, they are good but you should make them more arched and bit fuller if you are going for the gyaru look, your make-up style should reflect  upon your gyaru style like if you are going for the cute dolly look or for th edgy or moda look.
you should into into what look you are going for, do a little research. maybe found a gyaru model that you like make her your idol or something like that and you make start learning from her and after find your own look. gyaru should about making it your own look but you can learn and try from others.

second your eye make-up it's a good start, you have nice eye colour and shape of eyes. you could first go with out the wing and practice more of doing your lashes more your bottom, you dont really need bottom lashes unless you want them because you can use your mascara to enlarge your bottom lashes. you should focus on your eye make-up, like what eye shadow you prefer , matte, shiny or cream and how you can work with it. what kind of lashes suit you.. i found that wing lashes to the side dont suit my eye shape that more round and fuller lashes suit me.

you should try more earth natural eye shadow and experience with others. maybe look up on youtube for make-up tutorials how to wing your eyeliner or something like that you have lots of gyaru make-up tutorials or just basic non gyaru make-up tutorials. when i was younger i use to wear heavy eye make-up but now i just go with circle lense, cat eye look, top lashes and mascara on the bottom also sometimes nude or dark red or purple lips but thats me, after you can look at high lighting and contouring. 

i think you should just have your top lashes and if you want a wing eye look and than make the wing bit thicker and smaller, use mascara on your bottom lashes or adjust the bottom lashes more naturally and dont use lots of shadow on your bottom lash line you can just add brown pencil or eyeshadow to make the illusion that your eyes are bigger. you can put dark brown eyeshadow on your crease to make them look more deep and bigger or use light cream or matte eye shadow, as it summer you can go with brighter colours or pastels colours. as for your blush i think its okay, for your lips you can make them more matte, or you can use more nude or lighter shade of pink if you wants to. if you dont like lipstick you can use lipgloss. or you can add one layer of lipstick and put bit of lipgloss in the middle. after you can look for circle lenses and look at contouring and high lighting. 

hope i helped 
:wave:sayonara cutiepie
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PostSubject: Re: My Gyaru Make-Up (Without Circle Lenses) Opinions/Help   

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My Gyaru Make-Up (Without Circle Lenses) Opinions/Help
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