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 Is it possible to be an Gyaru with very few money?

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PostSubject: Is it possible to be an Gyaru with very few money?    Sun May 25, 2014 2:19 pm

Hiiyaa Gals! ^3^

do you girls think it's possible to live a fun gal livestyle with very little money? Currently I do still visit school and because of that I can't have a fulltime job. In addition to my schooldays I am working for about 10 hours per week to get some extra cash.. but of course I have monthly costs like my cellphone bill, metro station tickets and because I am visiting a private school I have to pay the monthly fees by myself (my parents can't help me a lot with this ;_; ) , too. Because of this there isn't much left to spend on clothes and stuff Mad ..
Of course I always try to find some cute cheap stuff from stores like Forever21 or H&M (Forever21 for example has great jewelry that fits the gyaru style perfectly and isn't high in price..and H&M sometimes has cute clothes with animal print and so on, too).
Also, a lot of fun activities like arcade game centers, karaoke, purikura, clubbing do cost a lot of money for entrance, too so I think this is very hard to manage T.T )

I ask you girls, do you have any advices of fun things to do with very few money? Tell me your tips and tricks \(^.^)/
What do you do in your freetime that does not cost a lot of money?

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Is it possible to be an Gyaru with very few money?
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